Shahrukh Is The Biggest Celebrity Brand In India!

By First Posted: Dec 12, 2015 Sat 1:22 AM Updated: Dec 12, 2015 Sat 1:25 AM
Shahrukh Is The Biggest Celebrity Brand In India!
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Great news for all SRK fans. Shahrukh Khan is on the top of Forbes India Celebrity 100 list 2015.

Shahrukh may not have as big hits as Salman, but he proves once again that he has more business sense. SRK earned a total of 257.5 crores this year and that is 9% of the total wealth amassed by the top 100 celebrities i.e. 2819 crores. Salman comes in at the second position with his earnings at 202.75 crores and Amit ji is at the third place with 112 crores. Deepika Padukone is the only female celebrity in the top 10. She is at number 9 with 59 crores.

Since SRK turned 50 this year, his work focus is all set to change. He says, I had always promised myself that at the age of 50 I will do films for myself. One has to write such films as well. And I don’t write films. Yes, there will be a commercial film as well, but now I am also going to do the cinema I want to do. So I will do 3 films a year. So with one big movie like Dilwale which takes 160 days to make, you do other ones like Raees and Fan. I have much more to offer as an artiste to myself. Also, now I get bored if a film takes too long to complete. So after 3 months, once I have cracked the code and understood it all, then I feel I am done with it. I don't get excited then. I want to make four or five key films in my career for which I would like to be remembered by my children, not anyone else."

Does this mean we shall have more intelligent cinema from SRK now onwards? Perhaps! Let's just hope he doesn't go around making sequels of Ra One.

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