Phubbing Isn't Cool!

By First Posted: Oct 17, 2015 Sat 1:23 AM Updated: Dec 7, 2017 Thu 3:59 AM
Phubbing Isn't Cool!
Image Credit: Popaganda

Manish returns from work at 7 pm every evening, excited to see his wife and daughter and hoping to spend some quality time with them. Anita brings him a cup of tea and they sit down together for a nice chat before dinner. Manish tells Anita about his day at work and other things. But Anita doesn't say much. That is because Anita is busy posting to her social media accounts on the mobile phone. She pays half hearted attention at best to what her husband is saying. So much for the family quality time!

What do you think Anita is doing? Anita is phubbing. Phubbing is a new term coined for "phone snubbing". Phubbing means giving someone the snub by paying too much attention to the mobile phone while you are with them.

Phubbing isn't cool at all because it ruins relationships. It smacks of selfishness and lack of interest in the other person. It also shows that you value your virtual relationships more than you value your real ones. Is that a smart thing to do?

If you phub your partner, now is the time to stop. And if you are the victim of phubbing, you must speak up and ask your partner to stop doing it.

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