Facts About Bigg boss You Didn't Know

By First Posted: Sep 23, 2015 Wed 7:03 PM
Facts About Bigg boss You Didn't Know
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Bigg Bosss 9 is kicking off in two weeks and it's gonna be awesome. For one Salman Khan is back to host the show. Then he's giving us hints that the show's gonna be about couples as it's going to be double trouble. But previous contestants reveal that there are a few  facts about the house that we don't know, and these are really interesting.

- Did you know that the BB house is haunted? Yes, contestants and even the crew have revealed that they have witnessed paranormal activities in the house.

- The contestants do have accss to alcohol! It is sent to them in juice boxes.

- They are often visited by weird insects and snakes!

- The house has a cleaning staff, though the contestants would like you to think they do all the cleaning themselves.

- The contestants often get too intimate, and the makers chop off all the bold hot scenes as it is supposed to be a family show.

- Navjot Singh Sidhu remains the only contestant till date who never got any nomination for elimination from his fellow contestants.

Fun facts, right?



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