Healthy Experiments With Idlis

By First Posted: Sep 3, 2015 Thu 1:00 PM Updated: Nov 8, 2017 Wed 2:32 AM
Healthy Experiments With Idlis
Image Credit: Mothers Zone

Idlis are one of the greatest breakfast choices. They are steamed, low on fat, yummy and can be served with a healthy twist. Here's how you can make this South Indian dish even healthier, and experiment with different flavours too:

1. Veggie Idlis: Best way to serve some healthy vegetables to children who refuse veggies. Just chop finely some beans, carrots, broccoli etc and add to the idli batter. You child won't mind eating vegetables served like this!

2. Oats Idlis: If you have a cholestrol problem, and don't like eating oats porridge, try making idlis out of your oatmeal. Serve with spicy chutneys and sambhar and your heart will say thank you!

3. Quick Rava Idlis: This is for when your family wants instant idlis and there's no batter to lay your hands on! Just mix up semolina with curds, add a dash of soda and do the steaming!

4. Stir Fried Idlis: Chop your idlis into big cubes. Stir fry some mustard seeds, curry leaves, garlic, ginger, onions and veggies, add the idli cubes. Season with spicy masala and serve hot with chutney!

As you see, idlis offer something for everyone! Enjoy!

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