5 Things Parents Should Not Do!

By First Posted: Sep 2, 2015 Wed 9:00 AM Updated: Dec 11, 2016 Sun 8:14 PM
5 Things Parents Should Not Do!
Image Credit: Gowtham Model School Chandanagar

There are no rules for parenting. There is no right and wrong. What works for you and your kids might not work for some other family. So people should really just use common sense and intuition while setting examples and boundaries for their children. However, when our kids start going to school, it is a new phase for the whole family and affects people outside the family too. For instance, our reactions as parents affect the teachers and school mates of our kids, often in an not-good kind of way.

Here are a few things that school teachers say parents should not do!

1. Not get too pally with the teachers. Just waving hellos and saying howdy is not a problem. But expecting a little chat every morning when dropping off your kids is a little too much. The teachers are super-busy!

2. Follow rules! How can you expect your kids to follow rules if you won't? Follow parking rules, appointments and meeting rules, and show some punctuality in dropping off the kids. Nobody likes slack children at school.

3. Don't be slack. When the school sends requests for some forms to be filled in, or some stuff to be purchased and sent to the school, do it asap. It affects the attitude of teachers towards your children. You don't want to risk that!

4. Don't be too anxious. Parents should not worry too much about which section their kid will go to, which teacher has been allotted to them etc. Just go easy and teach your kids also to go with the flow.

5. Make appointments. If you need to talk with the teacher or the principal, don't just show up! Always make appointments with the teachers if you need to discuss something.


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