Is The Oral Contraceptive Pill Right For You?

By First Posted: Aug 25, 2015 Tue 11:32 AM Updated: Jun 25, 2019 Tue 7:11 AM
Is The Oral Contraceptive Pill Right For You?
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Oral contraceptive pills remain one of the cheapest, most convenient and most reliable methods of contraception even today. The pill, as it is usually called, contains hormones that stop the ovaries from releasing eggs, thereby establishing birth control. Though the pill is considered safe and easy to use, you should know a few facts about it before you begin.

Facts You Must Know About The Pill

1. It is a medicine. Don't let the easy availability and mass use fool you into believing otherwise. So nobody should start the pill without consulting with a doctor about it.

2. OCPs do not result in weight gain. This is a mass rumour that stops many women from using the pills.

3. OCPs do not remain an effective tool for birth control if you miss even a single dose. If you forget your pill on a day, you need to take the rest of the packet as cheduled, but also use condoms for protection during the remaining cycle.

3. The pills need to be taken at the same time every day for maximum effect.

4. The pill does not guard you against any STD. It is only a birth control tool.

5. OCPs do not cause breast cancer!

6. The iPill (morning after pill) cannot be used as a susbstitute for the pill. It is only meant for emergencies.

7. If you are over 35, diabetic, obese, suffer from migraine or smoke, you must check with your doctor about using/continuing the pills.

8. The pill is not an ideal contraceptive for women who have had a baby less than 6 months ago, or are nursing.

9. First time users experience mid-cycle spotting and it is perfectly normal!

10. The pill is not suitable for you if you have a family history of blood clotting diseases. Check with a doctor before use.


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