Smoothies For Breakfast

By First Posted: Aug 7, 2015 Fri 10:56 AM
Smoothies For Breakfast
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You must have heard people talking about smoothies, especially if you are into fitness and health. You have probably read about it and know a lot about this yummy dish. But if you have no idea what people mean when they say they had a smoothie for breakfast, read on and find out.

What Is A Smoothie?

This is a thick drink made by blending raw fruit with liquids such as milk/curds/water, sweetening agents, nuts and seeds etc. This dish is very yummy, very high in nutrition, cooling, and very easy/quick to make. So smoothies are quickly becoming the best friends of a lot of working women and their families.

Tips to Make

1. Always use fruit that are low in sugar and are low on glycemic index. So pears, peaches, apples, papaya, melon etc are good. Berries are one of the most popular ingredient because they are very high in nutritive value and low in sugar.

2. When using dairy in your smoothie, always choose low fat and unsweetend. Let the natural fructose of the fruit sweeten your dish for you.

3. Adding chia seeds, hemp seeds or flaxseeds is another great boost of nutrition and helps in improving health. They give you fibre and also are good fats.

4. You can also add some protein powder to your smoothie if you think you need an extra boost.

5. Add some avocado to get a dash to healthy fat.

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