Ahalya Will Captivate You!

By First Posted: Jul 23, 2015 Thu 12:20 PM
Ahalya Will Captivate You!
Image Credit: Indian Express

Sujoy Ghosh earned a lot of critical acclaim with his Vidya balan starrer Kahaani. He has followed that film with a short film in Bengali titled Ahalya. Sujoy has once again earned a lot of critical acclaim for his new film.

You should watch this film if you enjoy regional cinema, if you enjoy short films, if you appreciate good performances and if you appreciate the art of making good cinema!

Ahalya is inspired by the character of thisname in our epic Ramayana. Ahalya was a young a beautiful woman who was cursed by her old husband, sage Gautam, for infidelity. Lord Rama later relieved her of this curse. Radhika Apte, who plays the main lead, is every bit your erotic and sensous young wife of an ageing artist who has insecurity issues. A young cop comes into their lives, to investigate the case of a missing person.

You must watch th film to find out the rest!


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