What Are You Doing With Your Mangoes?

By First Posted: Jul 21, 2015 Tue 10:09 AM
What Are You Doing With Your Mangoes?
Image Credit: Thailand style

For centuries our moms and their moms before them (and so on) have made pickles and chutnies out of raw mangoes. People of all ages have enjoyed mangoes unabashedly for centuries. This is mango, the king of all fruit, sweet, delicious and soft. But hey, what else have you been doing with your mangoes? Have you ever tried tp use mangoes in a new recipe? Here are a few you must try before the season runs out.

1. Chicken Mango Salad: Inspired by Thai cuisine, this is a thoroughly yummy and very fresh dish. Dress you basic mango-chicken-and-greens salad with olive oil, black pepper, lemon juice and a dash of mustard. Yum!

2. Mango Stir Fry: Ever tried Chinese style stir fried mangoes? Hot garlic, ginger, diced mangoes, your favorite veggies, all stir fried with sprouts or prawns. Nice on a wet monsoon day?

3. Mango Smoothie: Now who doesn't like a lassi with flavoirs of fresh mango in it? Yes, that is basically what the mango smoothie is!

4. Mango Shashliks: Try to add big dices of firm ripe mangoes to your paneer, bell pepper and onion shashliks..heavenly!

5. Desserts like Mango Rabri, Mango pie and mango cheesecake.

Try them all out before mangoes run out of season and you have to wait till the next year!

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