Friends With Boss on FB: To Be Or Not To Be?

By First Posted: May 19, 2015 Tue 12:26 PM
Friends With Boss on FB: To Be Or Not To Be?
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The first thought that comes to mind when your boss sends you a friend request is "Why?" You wonder if your boss is so depraved of a social life that she has to befriend the subordinates! The next thing you think about is how this will change your social life on the internet. It will change it, undoubtedly. But before you accept or decline this request, here are a few points to ponder over.

- It could be a fake profile created to play a prank on you. Probe a little before deciding.

- Maybe she wants to spy on you. What better way that to befriend you on FB!

- You could turn it to your advantage. You could project the image you want to project, you could use your FB profile to perform to the audience that is your boss.

- It does mean that you will never have any privacy again. You can never bitch about the boss or the job again, except offline.

- You will probably have to request your friends to stop tagging you in crappy posts, jokes and pictures.

- You might have to reconsider the photos in your albums. Are you okay with your boss seeing them all?

- If you ignore the request, boss may ignore you for promotions and perks.

- If you decline, there may be negative consequences.

So what to do?

Some people have two profiles, one for colleagues and bosses and another for friends (the real profile).

Another thing you can do is just honestly tell your boss that you would rather keep your personal and professional lives apart. Hence you shall have to decline. 

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