Dealing With Hot Flashes

By First Posted: May 8, 2015 Fri 9:00 AM Updated: May 8, 2015 Fri 9:30 AM
Dealing With Hot Flashes
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Nobody likes it, but menopause is a fact of all women's lives. As we age, our reproductive systems and hormones undergo changes and the result is menopause. Women would probably not mind it so much had it not been for the night sweats and hot flashes. So Memsaab brings you a few tips on how to deal with hot flashes.

What Is a Hot Flash? A hot flash is an intense feeling of heat, ususally felt on the face or on the back, and which lasts for a minute or so. One can feel tingling in hands, increased heart rate, sweat and flushing of the face when witnessing a hot flash.

Hot flashes are aggravated by certain factors like consuming alcohol, consuming too much caffeine, eating very spicy food, smoking or being exposed to cigerette smoke, wearing very tight garments or being in a stuffy hot room.

You can work on preventing these triggers to manage your hot flashes. But if they still bother you too much, you can go in for Hormone Replacement Therapy with the advice of a doctor.

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