Gabbar Is Back, Should You Meet Him?

By First Posted: May 3, 2015 Sun 8:26 AM Updated: May 3, 2015 Sun 8:46 AM
Gabbar Is Back, Should You Meet Him?
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Gabbar Is Back: Review

Forgive it for being a Bollywood remake of a Tamil film. Forgive it for showcasing all the known and well seen talents of Akshay. Forgive it for having an item number. Forgive it for having stereotypical villains. Enjoy what remains.

Akshay Kumar plays a good baddie in the film. He is on a rampage against corrupt officials in Maharashtra. With every Friday film release, Akshay (calls himself Gabbar) releases corrupt officials, either from the prison of corruption or from life itself. He is seen as a criminal by the law. But the aam aadmi sees him as a messiah, who has come to help poor people in fighting corruption. The film will inspire you at times. It will ignite hope in you. At some points, you will like the anarchist Gabbar enough to not want him dead.

What's more, Akshay is looking super-hot, ladies. So yes, you definitely should buy yourself a ticket to meet Gabbar!

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