Acting Cool, Or Acting Dumb?

By First Posted: Apr 28, 2015 Tue 9:00 AM Updated: Apr 28, 2015 Tue 9:30 AM
Acting Cool, Or Acting Dumb?
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Our youth is under great pressure to be cool and to be on top of technology. But quite often, we meet people who do things online just trying to be cool, without really knowing why they are doing them, or even if they should be doing those  things. It is not a crime to say that these youngsters are uncool, and dumb.

1. Checking in with FB everytime you change to a new location. Making sure that the world is informed when they go to Starbucks, or PVR, or to PizzaHut. Yes, everybody is very intent on knowing your whereabouts at all time!!!

2. Tagging everybody they know in their pictures. Really, do you think people want to be tagged in all your pictures, even when they are not a part of those clicks? What's worse, often people will tag you even if you don't know them!

3. Sending a Friends Request to everyone they meet! This takes the cake. Your friend's friend, cousin's friend's friend's friend....!

4. Leaving loving messages for their lobed ones, for the world to see. "Missing you honey", "I love you jaan" Aaarghh!

5. Wishing a Happy Mothers Day to mom on FB, even though she's not on FB (is sitting in the next room in fact) !!!

6. Liking everyone's status and all pictures in the hope that the favour will be returned!

7. Getting mad at people who don't return this favour!

8. Sending you your own message back on Whatsapp! Really irritating.

9. Not just posting a new selfie every 10 minutes, but also expecting people to notice and shower them with compliments each time! Really? Not everyone's got as much free time as you!

10. Dey wll rply lyk dis coz itz der lyf nd der rulz! How irritating and childish!

So what are you? Cool or just plain dumb?

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