Ekta Introduces Bollywood to the Nudity Clause

By First Posted: Apr 10, 2015 Fri 9:00 AM Updated: Apr 10, 2015 Fri 9:30 AM
Ekta Introduces Bollywood to the Nudity Clause
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Ekta is ready to bring the genre of open and frank Erotica to Indian audience. This time erotica will not be masked under the cloak of horror or thriller or comedy. It will be erotica and it will not pretend to be anything else! She is producing XXX with all new faces. There will be 5 stpories in the film, exploring different issues related to sex and sexuality.

Apparently Sunny Leone had refused some sexual scenes in Ragini MMS 2, so Ekta is not taking any chances this time. To make sure that her debutantes in XXX do not refuse any explicit scenes, she has made them all sign a Nudity clause in the contract! It is being said that all actors who work with Ekta in the future will have to sign this clause. It means they will not be able to refuse nudity, sex scenes, or sexually charges dialogues.

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