Should You Exercise on Empty Stomach?

By First Posted: Apr 5, 2015 Sun 10:00 AM Updated: Apr 5, 2015 Sun 3:30 PM
Should You Exercise on Empty Stomach?
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There is an eternal dilemma facing people who workout. When is the best way to exercise? When you have an empty stomach or when you have some food in you? Previously it was thought that one should exercise on an empty stomach so as to attack the fat stored in the body. But more and more experts advise the opposite these days.

It is being argued that one cannot perform well in a workout if exercising on an empty stomach. The body needs nutrition before a workout to be able to perform well.

Your pre-workout meal should be high on both Carbs and Protein. Carbohydrates are required to provide a slow and coninous supply of energy to the body and to the brain. This is required for optimum performance. The proteins are requred for healthy blood cells which supply oxygen and energy to the muscles. The muscles themselves need a steady supply of protein to work and to develop.

Ideally your pre-workout meal should be taken 45 minutes before workout.

It should not be so heavy that it puts you to sleep.

Good examples are peanut butter on toast, egg on toast, muesli, oats etc.

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