Getting Married Under Pressure?

By First Posted: Mar 20, 2015 Fri 9:00 AM Updated: Oct 23, 2020 Fri 7:10 PM
Getting Married Under Pressure?
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"When Rishabh visited Bharti's family home to meet her for the very first time, he found her to be an extremely quiet person. Their families asked them to spend an hour alone on the garden, and to get to know a little about each other. He found that he did most of the talking and she just politely listened. He attributed this to her shyness and assumed things would change. But even after their engagement was finalised, Bharti showed no interest in talking to him or knowing about him. It was after a lot of questioning on his part that Bharti confided in him about her reluctance to marry."

This is the story of many young girls across the country. We are pressurised by our peers, our parents and our society to get married at a certain age. If a girl is not married by late twenties, tongues start wagging. Are you under such pressure too? Are you getting married because of  this pressure? You are, if you keep hearing things like:

- All your friends and cousins are married. Your turn now!

- You are not getting any younger! Now or never.

- He is rich, will keep you happy.

- The family is very nice, we know them well. You will be happy.

- People are talking about you. You HAVE to get married now.

- Think about our reputation!

- You won't be able to have children if you "cross the age".

- Nobody will marry you if you "cross the age".

- It is the only thing we have ever asked you to do for us. You can't even fulfill one wish?

- It's the last wish of your grandfather/grandmother to attend your marriage!


If you have said YES to getting married because of these implorements from your family, maybe you should think again.

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