Happy Valentine's Day!

By First Posted: Feb 14, 2015 Sat 9:00 AM Updated: Feb 14, 2015 Sat 10:30 AM
Happy Valentine's Day!
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The season of love is here! After a week full of anticipation, dates, roses, proposals, promises, teddies, hugs, kisses, finally today is the D-Day. It's Valentine's Day today and love is all around. Mushy lovey dovey couples professing their love, buying gifts, planning dates, that is what the Valentine's Dayis usually all about.

But this year, Valentine's Day in India is going to be a little different. Hindu Mahasabha, which is against the celebration of this festival, has threatened that they will forcibly marry off couples who are found celebrating Valentine's Day. Getting away with such threats is possible only in India. But how does this affect you? If you are hoping to spend the day of love with your special love, perhaps you may want to avoid being out on the streets. The threat does not hold much water as it is basically illegal and unconstitutional. But for some of you, this could be a Godsend!

If you and your love have been wanting to tie the knot, and your families are not leting you, this is an opportunity specially made for you. Just get all dolled up, go out with your love, and find some Hindu Mahasabha guys who are willing to do the honours!!!

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