Try Healthy Wheat Dosas at Home!

By First Posted: Dec 5, 2014 Fri 9:00 AM Updated: Jun 3, 2016 Fri 12:20 AM
Try Healthy Wheat Dosas at Home!
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Even if you are trying to avoid rice for health reasons, you should not have to give up on yummy Dosas, right? Everyone enjoys a good Dosa and wheat eaters are no different. So here's a very easy recipe that you must try out. Chances are you will love it so much that you might just give up on the rice dosas!

Easy Wheat Dosa


Atta - 2 cups

Fresh Curds - 1 cup

Water - 3-4 cups

Salt, Oil, Hing, mustard Seeds, Red Chillies and Curry Leaves for tempering.

Method: Start by adding a cup of curd and a cup of water to the atta. Mix well and then start alowly adding the rest of the water to this mix. Your final batter should be much thinner than the rice dosa batter.

Now tamper this batter by frying chillies, hing, curry leaves and mustard seeds in oil. Add to the batter.

Heat the tawa and pour out batter for a dosa. Remember that this dosa will take a little longer to cook. When the sides start leaving the tawa and look brown, turn the dosa over.

Serve hot when cooked on both sides with your favorite chutneys and sambhar. Enjoy!

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