Benefits of Marrying Young

By First Posted: Dec 1, 2014 Mon 9:00 AM Updated: May 29, 2017 Mon 8:43 AM
Benefits of Marrying Young
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The average age of getting married goes a little higher with every passing decade. Our parents got married in their early twenties, we got married in mid-twenties, and now late twenties is considered the right age to marry. Youngsters today have so many pressures and compulsions. They need to get an education, get steady jobs and save a bit of money to settle down when they marry. With the world being as competitive as it is, all this takes some time and hence marriage gets pushed to the back burner till late twenties or even early thirties in the case of males.

But is this the right trend? Are there any advantages of the old system of getting married in early twenties?

Benefits of Marrying Early

1. Being hitched early gives you a more compatible and stable relationship. This is because with age people become set in their ways. Naturally, the earlier you marry, more flexible and adjusting you are.

2. Fertility is at its peak in early and mid twenties. So there are no problems in conception if you marry early.

3. Having children at an early age means you can be more energetic and active parents. If you have children in your 40s, you will find it hard to adjust with their activity and speed levels!

4. If you marry early, you have the chance to look like a young and smart couple for much longer. This also means you have great looking pictures for many decades!

5. When you marry young, your inlaws have fewer expectations and are happy to teach you and help you with all the things you need to learn.

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