Are You Being Overfriendly?

By First Posted: Nov 30, 2014 Sun 9:00 AM Updated: Nov 28, 2019 Thu 9:02 AM
Are You Being Overfriendly?
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It is great to be social, amiable and friendly. But what happens when your "friendly" nature is seen as being over-friendly? When your overtures towards a stranger are seen as being a little extreme, it gets very annoying for the receiver of your attentions! But how do you know whether you are being friendly or overfriendly?

Are You Over-Friendly?

You are being over-friendly if you:

- Add every person you on to your facebook profile!

- Send Watsapp messages to ALL contacts on your phone a couple times every day.

- Offer food to everyone around you when you are travelling.

- Make small talk with every person you meet, or sit next to, or even see!

- Ask personal questions in the very first meeting with a stranger.

- Tell everyone about the little details of all your close and far off relatives!

- Answer someone's phone when he/she is not around.

- Try to check someone's messages when they leave the phone lying around you!

Basically, when you have no sense of limitations or respect for someone's privacy, you are being over-friendly and irritating!

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