Who Would Believe That Sexy Alia Was FAT?

By First Posted: Oct 22, 2014 Wed 9:00 AM Updated: Oct 22, 2014 Wed 9:30 AM
Who Would Believe That Sexy Alia Was FAT?
Image Credit: Yahoo

Does this picture come as a shock to you? Well, it's like a regular things these days. Overweight celebrity kids undergo a metamorphosis and become smouldering HOT. From Sonam Kapoor to Varun Dhawan, Jacky Bhagnani, Arjun Kapoor, and now Alia Bhatt!

So how did Alia Bhatt manage to transform herself so astonishingly?

Apparently, when Karan Johar discussed "Student of the Year" with Alia, the first thing he said was that she would be considered for the lead role only if she would lose all her flab within six months. Alia was hurt and humiliated by this interaction with her mentor, but then she felt angry that she had gone to meet the Karan Johar looking as she did back then! She immediately went on a diet and started working out religiously. Within 3 months, she lost 15 kilos and was offered her first film!

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