Is India Really A Land of Snake Charmers?

By First Posted: Sep 30, 2014 Tue 9:00 AM Updated: Sep 30, 2014 Tue 9:30 AM
Is India Really A Land of Snake Charmers?
Image Credit: Indiatimes
We have become the world's very first country to successfully send a mission to Mars, in the very first attempt. We have also proved to the world that a successful space mission doe snot depend on the money that goes into it. We have not only managed success at the first attempt, we have also managed the cheapest mission to Mars. These two facts say a lot about the calibre of talent that we have in our country. But...

Inspite of achieving such phenomenal and historic success, we are still viewed by the developed world as a land of snake charmers. As our PM Mr Modi visits the US to welcome foreign investment and to forge warm global relations, the New York Times carried a cartoon which shows how uninformed and ignorant New Yorkers really are! Singaporean artist Heng Kim Song seems to think that a mention of India's Mars Orbiter Mission is incomplete without a mention of our Dhotis and Cows. 
Yes, we do wear dhotis, and yes, we do rear cattle. But that does not make us backward or incompetent. If it did, why would we be the country to send the cheapest successful mission to Mars, and that too in the very first attempt? Think about that!
If you find this cartoon offensive and in poor taste, do let the NY Times know.
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