Remedies for Heels That Ache

By First Posted: Sep 22, 2014 Mon 9:00 AM Updated: Mar 1, 2016 Tue 5:27 AM
Remedies for Heels That Ache
Image Credit: Heel Pain Centre of Atlanta

You go to a party, wearing a slinky dress and sexy heels. You rock, and you know it. You mingle, you sizzle, a few hours go by and your feet start killing you. A point comes when you are looking for an excuse to just leave. Back at home, the first thing you do is kick your shoes off and nurse your aching heels.

Sounds familiar? High heels rock, they make you look sexy, but they also hurt. Most women end up with heel ache due to wearing high heels. So how do you care for your heels that hurt?

Healing Painful Heels

1. Use Ice. Place your feet in a tub filled with ice, or use an ice pack, or give your heels an ice massage or 5-10 minutes. All of these work as ice helps in reducing the swelling and soreness.

2. Warm Water: A tub of warm water is also great when it comes to reducing swelling and soreness. Soak your feet for 10-15 minutes and you will find your pain melting away!

3. A Foot Massage: Ask your partner to give you a proper foot massage,  or give yourself one. Rub and apply pressure at different points of the heels that hurt. This works like magic!

4. Elevate Your Feet: Put up your feet on a stool or a bed. Even just taking the weight off your feet for a few hours will help.


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