Marriage Will Shock You!

By First Posted: Sep 17, 2014 Wed 9:00 AM Updated: Sep 17, 2014 Wed 9:30 AM
Marriage Will Shock You!
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"...and  they lived happily ever after."
This is the stuff that most fairytales are made of, but it's not real life. In reality, there is no happily ever after. Real life is much more dramatic, with ups and downs at every turn. Our faith in fairytales is the reason why most of us get a "shock" when our love story comes to a conlusive end and we get married. Marriage shocks most people, especially in love marriages. The reality of marriage is so different from our dreams and fantasies that it is very common for people to experience doubt, arguments and fights in the first year of marriage. Do you know why?
Post-Marriage Shocks That Nobody Told You About
1. His world does not revolve around you! He has his own friends and he enjoys spending time with them!
2. You married his family too. There's no getting out of this one, no getting out of family dinners, visits and get togethers.
3. You will be doing most of the chores as watched cricket! No matter how much you nag him, things will just not get done around the house unless you do them!
4. There will be fights, loads of them. Tears, drama, arguments and fighting will be a regular thing post marriage!
5. He will perform only one role, that of the bread winner. You have to perform many, bread winner, bread maker, baby machine, baby bringing up, ideal daughter-in-law, etc.
6. It's not all about sex! There will be no mood for sex on more days that you probably imagined in your fantasies!
7. It's not all about love either! love cannot conquer all. Both of you will need friendship, patience and persevarence to make it work!
8. You become an aunty overnight! From didi, you suddenly transform into aunty the day you wear that sindoor!
9. Your money is his, and his is yours. Not only this, you also have to explain where you spend the money even if you may have earned it.
10. His may be a different lifestyle and you will have to adjust. Even if you are an "early to bed, early to rise" person, you will have to be awake to attend his weird late night parties for his friends!
Basically, your life is going to change completely and nobody has mentioned it to you!
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