Dealing With Hickeys!

By First Posted: Sep 10, 2014 Wed 9:00 AM Updated: Nov 8, 2018 Thu 8:27 AM
Dealing With Hickeys!
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Hickeys, or love bites, are so romantic...for a few minutes. Later they are just an embarassment that may be accompanied with pain and swelling. When you are in the midst of a passionate encounter, yo can't be bothered with the after-effects like hickeys, but afterwards you repent at leisure. This is why everyone who enjoys such encounters must know how to deal with these love bites.

How to Deal With a Lovebite/Hickey

1. Rub a toothbrush all over it. Find yourself a hard-bristled brush and start brushing. This stimulates the circulation of blood and the marks will slowly subside.

2. Ice Packs are great when it comes to working on swollen skin. You could also use the head of a frozen spoon to press the skin downwards and reduce the marks.

3. Makeup is one of the better ways to make a hickey disappear immediately. Just apply a layer of light foundation on the mark and its surrounding area and gradually blend into the skin.

4. If nothing works, wait for it to subside. Meanwhile dress sensibly, keep the area covered with a scarf or a dupatta or something else that works with your attire. Even hair can be kept untied if you are hiding a hickey on the neck.

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