The Dirtiest Things You Touch Everyday!

By First Posted: Sep 4, 2014 Thu 9:00 AM Updated: Feb 5, 2016 Fri 10:31 AM
The Dirtiest Things You Touch Everyday!
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You may like to think that you are a hygienic and sanitary person, but in all likelihood you also expose yourself to countless germs and bacteria everyday like everybody else. We all get in contact with germs just by touching things that are a part of our daily life and routine. A few of these "dirty" things are:

1. All Buttons. Almost all the appliances we use today have some sort of buttons on them. Computer keyboard, mobile phones, ATM machines, Remote Control, Elevator Buttons, Buttons on kitchen gadgets etc are a few examples. Think about it, how many of these do you clean with soap and water? Have you ever cleaned the keyboard of an ATM machine before using it?

2. Your Kitchen. Even the cleanest of kitchens house germs. Your kitchen sponge, for example, is a living germ house. Research shows that the number of bacteria and germs on a kitchen sponge is many times that found on the toilet seat!

3. Doorknobs and Handles. If you are exceptionally clean, you may probably clean the doorknobs and handles in your house. But what about those in the public domain? Does anyone clean the doorknobs of a public library or school or your office?

4. Currency. This one may come as a surprise, but all those notes and coins in your purse have been handles by many people before you. Just imagine how many of them suffered from a disease or had a runny nose when they touched it!

5. Shopping Carts and Baskets. If you regularly shop at the supermarkets or Big Bazaar, you can't avoid using their carts and baskets. But have you ever thought of the people who have used and touched that cart before you?

6. Escalator/Staircase Rails. We all touch these railings as we climb up or down a few floors, but this is one hot bed of germs and bacteria. So many people touch them every hour that it is impossible to avoid contact with germs and bacteria.

So, as you see now, we are all exposed to countless germs everyday when we step out of our homes. We can work towards keeping our homes germ free but we have no control when we step out. The only way to prevent sickness and disease caused by these germs is to wash your hands regularly. It is essential that we wash our hands with soap before and after each meal.

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