Make Your Workspace Clean and Attractive

By First Posted: Sep 2, 2014 Tue 9:00 AM Updated: Feb 1, 2016 Mon 7:06 AM
Make Your Workspace Clean and Attractive
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Whether you work in a crowded office, or whether you work from home, keeping the workspace clean and clutter-free is always a big challenge. From files to books to stationery, there are so many things that end up on the desk just because we think we need them often enough for them to be there. But what happens when you are expecting a visitor? Have you ever worked with a boss who pokes in her nose every now and then, and wrinkles up her nose at the clutter on your desk? Clean up! Keeping your workspace clean and attractive also makes it more conducive to work and productivity.
1. Start by removing all unnecessary items from your desk. Your desk should only have the phone, the computer monitor, and a few staple items like the pen holder etc. Everything else should go into the drawers under your desk.
2. Give your clutter-free desk a thorough wipe-down, preferably with an alcohol-based cleaning agent that also kills germs.
3. Keep one of the drawers reserved for this purpose, to place all those things that you may need during the day like the stapler, post-its, glue, scissors etc.
4. Clean out and re-organise your drawers every week. This makes it easy to find stuff that you are looking for.
5. A small potted plant looks great on a desk. Assign it a corner and watch it turn your desk into a cheerful place.
6. Open the curtains and windows. Fresh air and natural sunlight can brighten up the dullest of spaces!
7. Avoid eating messy stuff at your desk; it's a health hazard.
8. Buy a wastebin with a lid. It prevents people from seeing or smelling your trash.
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