Saif Ali Khan Is The Latest Butt Of Jokes!

By First Posted: Aug 17, 2014 Sun 9:00 AM Updated: Aug 17, 2014 Sun 9:30 AM
Saif Ali Khan Is The Latest Butt Of Jokes!
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As Saif celebrates his 44th birthday, we bring you an assortment of Saif jokes that have been doing the rounds this season. Enjoy!

- Govt: We're taking back your Padma ShriSaif: If u do that, I'm going to make Humshakals 2, 3, 4, 5....Govt: LOL!

- 2010: Saif Ali Khan awarded with Padma ShriSaif: Wow! But what did I do?2014: Padma Shri taken backSaif: Wow! But what did I do?

- Saif hits the guy. This was Saif Ali Khan's first solo hit.

- Saif's mom to Saif after the PunchGate: 'Tum ne galti Kareena'

- So, 'Padmashree' Saif Ali Khan gets drunk and hits a senior citizen... He should get 'Gundashree' award now… 

- Saif-Kareena's mehendi ceremony today. Kareena would be applying it on her hands and Saif on his hair.
- 'X' married 'Z' twice his age, left her and now dates 'Y' 1/2 his age What's the age of 'X'? Student: Don't know but 'X' = Saif Ali Khan

- Saif Ali Khan now has 3 official kids. Sara, Ibrahim & Kareena! 
- The easiest way to force your enemies to kill themselves, gift them tickets of Humshakals.#Humshakals should've been titled #DumbshakalsBREAKING: Govt has decided to station 2 ambulances outside every multiplex screening.
- If you watch #Humshakals, you seriously need to rethink about meaning of your existence.
- Modi Government announced Rs 2 Lakhs relief fund for every viewer of Humshakals- Sources.

- Different types of disasters:1. Drought. 2. Earthquake. 3. Floods. 4. Terrorist attacks. 5. Humshakals. 
- Saif didn't punch anybody. He walked out of the place and his nose clocked someone. That'll happen.

- Saif Ali Khan, no matter how much you try beating people up, you can't be Salman.

- Saif Ali Khan beats up a guy named Iqbal Sharma in Wasabi restaurant in Taj last night who askd 'Is Kareena ur daughter?”

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