5 Things You Should Never Microwave!

By First Posted: Jul 9, 2014 Wed 9:00 AM Updated: Feb 18, 2017 Sat 4:14 AM
5 Things You Should Never Microwave!
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Everybody who owns/operates a microwave oven knows that certain things are not supposed to be zapped in the microwave oven. We all know that metal can catch fire in this oven so we avoid using metallic vessals or containers in the microwave oven. But you probably don't know about these:

1. Whole Eggs: You might think it would be easy to boil eggs in a MW oven, but you are wrong. The eggs cannot stand the microwaves, and the shell ends up bursting!

2. Aluminium Foil, Paper Bag, Plastic Bag: All these are either dagerous to zap, or plain unhealthy for you to zap food in!

3. Sauce, Uncovered: Unless you plan to clean the MW oven after playing Holi with the ketchup! 

4. Grapes and Raisins: The grapes catch fire in a MW oven, and the raisins just smoke!

5. Dried Chillies, Whole: The spicy fumes can irritate and burn your nose/throat. Watch it!



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