Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Coffee

By First Posted: Jul 4, 2014 Fri 9:00 AM Updated: Feb 14, 2017 Tue 1:24 AM
Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Coffee
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We all know coffee as one of our favorite beverages. Some people cannot start their day without a hot cuppa, others like to end their day with a relaxing cup of coffee. But did you know there are many other things you can do with coffee besides drinking it?

Other Uses of Coffee

1. Prevent Stinky Shoes! Just line the soles with a little ground coffee and your shoes will never stink. This is especially useful when you have too many pairs of shoes and don't wear them too regularly.

2. Prevent Fould Odor! Ground coffee gives out such a lovely fragarance that it masks all others. Use this magic powder to prevent foul odor in your fridge or near your sink.

3. Shiny Hair! Yes, it has been reported that washing your hair with boiled and cooled coffee can give your mane a shiny lustre.

4. Attack The Ants! Ants, little bugs and slugs find the odor of coffee too strong to bear and hence it can be used to drive them away from your house. Just spread a little coffee powder in the problem areas of your house and wait to see the magic!

5. Exfoliation! Who would have thought that coffee could be used for this too! Someone did, obviously! So you can mix roughly ground coffee with a little lotion and have your own exfoliating scrub that works wonders!

6. Fertilizer! Many plants like the Rose need a slightly more acidic environment to grow. You can help by using ground coffee as a fertilizer coz it contains Nitrogen!

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