Did You Eat A Rainbow Today?

By First Posted: Jun 24, 2014 Tue 12:31 PM Updated: Dec 5, 2017 Tue 3:11 AM
Did You Eat A Rainbow Today?
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Have you ever heard the term "Eat the Rainbow"? This is a phrase often thrown around by dieticians and nutrition experts. What is actually means is that the food you eat should comprise all the lovely colours of a rainbow.


It is achieved by eating a wide variety of fresh fruit and vegetables that are of the bright rainbow colours.


The differently coloured fruit and vegetables offer different vitamins and minerals that enrich your nutrition and improve your health.


Eating a rainbow cannot replace the idea of eating a well balanced diet. It should be used in addition to the mantra of well balanced diet. You still need to get your proteins, carbs and healthy fats in addition to the rainbow!

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