Are You Being Cruel To Your Partner?

By First Posted: Jun 18, 2014 Wed 9:00 AM Updated: Sep 13, 2018 Thu 8:04 AM
Are You Being Cruel To Your Partner?
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We women like to think of men as our enemy. We like to believe that we are all nice and good, and they are all bad and unworthy. We think of ourselves as some Godesses, and we think of them as our followers. Don't we live in a world of self-delusion? You would be surprised to know that most of us are often cruel to men. We do things to them that we would consider cruelty if they did those same things to us. Don't believe it? Read on...

How Women Are Cruel To Men

- He calls and you ignore! What is the point of giving your number to a man if you are not gonna take his calls? Why not just be honest and say you are not interested? This is worse when a married woman does this to her husband. Poor chap has no choice but to worry about his wife who's not answering her phone!

- Cheating is cruel even when women do it! There are enough number of married women having affairs these days for this to be an alarming trend!

- Why do we need Standby Boyfriends? We all know girls (we even might be amongst them) who keep a relationship just because they are looking for the next boyfriend. If you are not happy with your boyfriend, why can't you just dump him? Most gals today will keep on dating a guy till they find a replacement!

- Going on a sex-strike! Many women get their revenge from their partners by saying No to sex. This is also a way of getting men to do what the female partner wants. Is it not cruel?

- Judging men by the size of their wallets! We expect men to judge us on our "inner beauty" and think it's bad that they judge women on the basis of sex appeal. So when did it become fair for us to judge men by how much they spend on dates?

- Nagging and criticising men in public! It's one thing to constantly try to "improve" your man when you are on your own. But to do that in front of his or your friends/relatives just takes the cake! If he's so bad and needs so much improving, why are you with him in the first place?

So how cruel are you?

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