How To Get The Perfect Eyebrows

By First Posted: Jun 12, 2014 Thu 9:00 AM Updated: Sep 7, 2018 Fri 7:37 AM
How To Get The Perfect Eyebrows
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Eye brows are a very definitive feature on your face and can have a lot of impact on how pretty you look. Not only do they frame your eyes, but they also add to the character of your face. It is indeed very important to have lovely perfect looking brows. But how?

Tips for Perfect Eyebrows
- The very first thing to do is to know what shape will complement your face. There are a limited number of shapes you can coax your brows into. But it is important to know which one will work the best.
- Though regular salon visits are considered mandatory for perfect eyebrows, they are really not that important. You can take good enough care of your brows at home!
- Start with a good pair of tweezers. This is your best friend when it comes to shapely brows. Remember to pluck when the skin is wet so that the hair comes out easily. 
- After you have plucked, use a scissor to trim out any extra bits of length that you may have.
-Fill in the blank areas with a good eyebrow pencil. Everyone needs one!
- Now use a brush to comb the hair upward in the shape of the arc.
-You're all set with perfect looking eyebrows!


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