Good Health With Junk Food?

By First Posted: May 24, 2014 Sat 12:19 PM Updated: Dec 21, 2016 Wed 1:26 AM
Good Health With Junk Food?
Image Credit: Cautious Vegetarian

Can you imagine good health and junk food might go hand in hand? For years we have been informed that all things yummy are bad for us, burgers, crisps, pizzas etc are all empty calories that provide no nutrition. Is there a way to change this?

A big favorite with kids and adults alike is the burger. You could enjoy a home made burger that wasn't to unhealthy. Just make your patty with boiled veggies and tofu instead of using potatoes. Roast it on a skillet instead of deep frying it, and if you wanna be eatra healthy, replace the buns with brown bread slices! Top it with veggies and killer sauces and chutneys for a kick. Yum!

Pizza isn't that bad actually considering that the cheese is protein and vegetable toppings are all good. But how about replacing your regular crust with a home made crispy multigrain roti? Try before you say No!

Ice cream is one food item nobody can say no to. But how about replacing 3/4th of your icecream portion with chopped seasonal food. The fruit salad with icecream has more texture, more bite, more colour and is also yummier. Yum Yum!

Who doesn't love a spicy dish of Chinese noodles? Now these noodles can be almost healthy if you reduce the quantity of noodles and increase the quantity of vegetables in your dish. Still as yum!

So basically you now get an idea of how to make everything a little less unhealthy, right?

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