When Not To Use Your Plastic Money

By First Posted: May 21, 2014 Wed 9:00 AM Updated: Sep 9, 2015 Wed 10:59 AM
When Not To Use Your Plastic Money
Image Credit: Daily Mail

Financial fraud is on the rise globally and debit/credit card users are amongst the biggest victims. Every time you use plastic money, you expose your information to stealing and fraud. Though most websites and merchants claim to be safe for the use of plastic money, there are certain places where you should certainly avoid using it.

Places Where You Should Not Use Debit/Credit Cards

- Restaurants and Petrol Pumps: These are places where someone will take your credit card and take it to punch the numbers into a machine somewhere on the premises. The card is out of your sight for a good 5-10 minutes. This is enough time to steal the magnetic stripe information, card number as well as the PIN, using sophisticated data reading electronics!

- Unguarded ATMs in Lonely Areas: Often the robbers install cameras inside an ATM machine and use it to capture your PIN and card number. What else does anyone need to steal from you?

Ideally you should avoid using plastic money online because robbers will always find new ways to steal from you, inspite of all the security measures by banks etc. You should always keep a limit of the maximum amount that can be transacted using your card, without your entering in a password. You should also try your best to protect (and often change) all your passwords and PINs etc.

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