Add More Beet To Your Diet!

By First Posted: May 6, 2014 Tue 9:00 AM Updated: May 6, 2014 Tue 9:30 AM
Add More Beet To Your Diet!
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Beetroots are exceptionally rich in nutrients, especially iron and antioxidants. But many people dislike the texture and taste of a raw beetroot. If your family does too, how can you include beet in your family's diet?

Here are a few ways to add beets to your recipes and diet.

- Beetroot salad, obviously! But if you don't like raw beets, try boiled and peeled ones.

- Beetroot biryani or beetroot pulav. Just add chopped beets with other veggies!

- For toddlers, beetroot daliya or beetroot khichdi is a powerhouse of nutrition.

- Beetroot halwa for your sweet tooth.

- Beetroot tikkis and kebabs. Add grated beetroot to your tikki or kebab mix and you're good to go!

- Beetroot and carrot juice.

- Beetroot raita. Boil and roughly mash beets or grate and boil them before adding to fresh beaten curds.


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