Your Food Affects Your Teeth Too!

By First Posted: Apr 17, 2014 Thu 9:00 AM Updated: Nov 19, 2016 Sat 1:19 AM
Your Food Affects Your Teeth Too!
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If you think your waistline is the only part of you tht's affected by what goes into your mouth, you are so wrong! The food that you consume has a lot of effect on your teeth, dental health, hygiene and smile too! Your oral pearls are just another reason why you should avoid dessert before bed time! So Memsaab brings you a list of food items that are supposed to be good for your denatal health and hygiene.

Foods Good For Dental Health

1. Dairy: Milk and milk products are rich in Calcium, Phosphororus and Vitamin D. All these nutrients help your teeth in maintaining their good health and also repair the tooth enamel when required.

2. Nuts and Seeds: Nuts and seeds are also good sources of dietary Calcium. Phosphorous and Zinc. Again, a good choice if you want healthy set o pearls!

3. Dark Choolate: Dark chocolate contain Tannin, which helps in preventing tooth decay.

4. Apples: Eating raw apples helps in cleaning the teeth with the help of your saliva. This scrubbing is useful in preventing cavity build up in your teeth.

5. Green Tea: Green tea contains Catechins which help in fighting bacterial infections and inflammations in your gums. Research shows that people who drank green tea instead of regular tea or coffee have fewer dental problems.

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