Why Can't I Lose Weight?

By First Posted: Mar 23, 2014 Sun 1:14 PM Updated: Mar 23, 2014 Sun 1:15 PM
Why Can't I Lose Weight?
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Rishita has been obese for the last 8 years. Last year, she decided to change it and embarked on a diet and exercise program. She lost 10 kilos within the first 3 months. But has not lost anything since! She has been working out and controlling her diet, but is not losing weight any more. What is stopping her from shedding those kilos?

Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

Rishita is going through a phase that is called the Weight Loss Plateau. Eveyrhting that she's been trying has stopped working. Here's why, andwhat can she do to start losing her weight again.

- Focussing too much on aerobics. As you age, muscles begin to dissolve and as you lose muscle mass, you also experience a reduction in the metabolic rate. For best results, you should combine your aerobic activity with weight training so that you can build muscles that burn calories even when not being used.

- Binging on the weekends. A lot of people starve themselves through the week, only to reward themselves with binging over the weekend. This is counter productive. You could treat yourself to one high calorie meal, or one snack of your choice in the weekend. But to make the whole weekend like a food orgy is going insane!

- Starving yourself. This is a very bad idea because if you do not feed your body properly, it will go into famine or conservation mode. When in this mode, the body will try to stick to whatever it is fed and thereby make you fatter!

- Having unreasonable expectations. Often people think "they are not losing weight" if they lose less than 500 g per week. It is usually difficult to lose the last few kilos of your goal and it takes time to shed those kilos. Do not mark out unreasonable expectations that you won't be able to fulfill.

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