Ragini MMS 2 - Horrex or Horrendeous?

By First Posted: Mar 22, 2014 Sat 1:00 PM Updated: Mar 23, 2014 Sun 9:03 AM
Ragini MMS 2 - Horrex or Horrendeous?
Image Credit: Bolly Berg

Reports have it that the Sunny Leone starrer "Ragini MMS 2" has opened well at the box office and if the response to the morning shows was anything to go by, the film seems to be well on the road to success. But critics and reviewers have panned the movie degrading it to nothing but a sex-adult-comedy with some horror scenes thrown in between. So, is the movie really that bad?

Well, if you are going to watch an Ekta Kapoor production, please do not expect content that would pander to the classes. Ekta, a self-confessed horror movie buff, loves to dish it out for the masses. Watch any of her TV serials including Mahabharat and you would know what we mean. Meanwhile, coming to 'Ragini MMS 2', the movie is set in a deserted house where a film crew goes to make a movie about the scary real-life incident of Ragini.

If you have watched 'Ragini MMS', you already know the background. It is the supposedly real life story of a girl who had gone with her boyfriend to a deserted place to make out and the lovers there were attacked by a ghost. Taking on from there, Sunny Leone's 'Ragini MMS 2' is more about a lot of bare skin, titillating scenes and adult comedy. But what more could you expect in a movie that stars A list porn star Sunny Leone. To Ekta's credit, she had warned us well in advance that it is a Horrex film - A film that combines Horror and Sex. 

So watch it only if you must and if you are sure that your family can stomach Sex+Adult Comedy+A little Horror!

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