How To Get Rid Of Holi Colours

By First Posted: Mar 17, 2014 Mon 9:00 AM Updated: Mar 17, 2014 Mon 9:30 AM
How To Get Rid Of Holi Colours
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Many people, especially women don't like Holi today. One reason is that Holi has become synonymous with hooliganism. The second reason is that it's a very messy festival. You may play Holi for an hour only, but the cleaning up goes on for hours, or even days in some cases. If the mess and colour is what keeps you from enjoying this fun-filled festival, don't let it do so any more! Memsaab brings you experts tips on  how to get rid of Holi colours, even the fast ones!

How to Get Rid of Holi Colours

1. If you suspect or know that you have fast or pucca colours on you, do not go to the washroom to wash up. Water only makes the colour even more fast and if you wet the colour on your skin, it will not leave you for days. 

2. First dust off as much colour as you can from your face and body. Now dab some cotton wool in coconut oil and use it smear the colour off your face. Slowly you should be able to get most of the colour off.

3. Now run a lemon wedge on your face, followed by a wheat flour-oil mask. One the mask dries up and you remove it, it is now safe to wash your face with a mild facewash. You will not see any colour anywhere on your face.

4. Use the same treatment to get rid of colour on your neck, throat etc.

5. Make sure you oil your hair properly before you play Holi. This will protect them against damage caused by colours.

6. After cleaning colour off your face and body, take a nice hot shower and get rid of the colour  in your hair too. 

7. Remember to moisturise your face and body and oil your air after the shower. The colours tend to rob your skin and hair of moisture.

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