How to Soothe A Crying Baby

By First Posted: Mar 15, 2014 Sat 5:00 PM Updated: Jan 2, 2020 Thu 8:25 AM
How to Soothe A Crying Baby
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Sonakshi waited for years before she could finally hold her baby in her arms. After being treated for infertility for years, Sonakshi and Arun finally had a baby after their 2nd IVF attempt. They still swear that the first time their baby girl cried, it was the sweetest sound ever! But now, 10 months later, all they can think of is "how to escape" when they hear Komal crying. Sonakshi and Arun are both tired of the sleepless nights, nappy changing and constant baby howling! The good moments more than make up for all this inconvenience in their lives, but they want to know how they can soothe their howling baby instead of letting her cry herself to sleep.

How to Soothe your Crying Baby

If a baby is crying, there has to be a reason, even though it may not always be apparent. Your baby could be hungry, or thirsty, or wet, or bothered by a nappy rash, or cold, or hot, or sleepy, or just plain irritable! Before you try to soothe the baby, try to identify the problem first and fix it. If you cannot identify the problem, there are a few ways to calm down an irritable or crying baby.

1. Try to rock your baby. The rocking motions almost always work! The baby was used to motion while still in the womb so rocking or moving the baby lightly helps in calming her down.
2. Sing to your baby. You might think she's too tiny to appreciate music, but this is when she's absorbing everything around her. Moreover, babies love to hear a singing voice, especially their mothers'.
3. Try to shush her down and whisper softly while you do it. Talking or softly whispering to a baby also works often as it helps in forming a one-to-one communication contact.
4. Take her out! When nothing else works, this one surely will. But if you do this too often, she might start crying every time she fels like some fresh air!

Many parents turn to using a pacifier to soothe their crying baby. It does work but it is habit forming and the baby develops an attachment to the pacifier. So it should be used with caution. The pacifier should not be used as a tool for your escape!


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