Suspicious Hubby Freaking You Out?

By First Posted: Mar 11, 2014 Tue 9:00 AM Updated: Jun 3, 2015 Wed 1:21 PM
Suspicious Hubby Freaking You Out?
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The first time Shilpa caught her husband Ramesh checking the details of her calls and messages on her phone, she found it rather cute. She was amused that her husband was possessive and jealous. But within a year of marriage, Shilpa wants out! She cannot believe how Ramesh gets suspicious and angry every time she speaks to a guy. She cannot imagine why he cannot sleep without checking her FB account, her phone, her Whatsapp messages etc. Ramesh's jealousy and possessiveness has completely whacked her out and she cannot take any more of it!

Are you in a similar situation? Does your husband make you feel guilty just by looking at you when you are on the phone? Does he make a habit of checking your online accounts, phone etc? You need help, gal!
How to Deal With a Suspicious and Jealous Husband
The first thing to do is accept that there is a problem. This behavious is neither cute, nor normal. This is not a situation that any wife should have to tolerate. Accept that you are in a mess and that it needs to be fixed.
Once you have accepted that there is a problem, you need to talk it out with him. Find a suitable time when he has nothign else to distract him. Tell him that his behaviour is not normal and that it is affecting your peace of mind. Tell him that you both need space if you are to live together.
Stop trying to prove your innocence all the time. If you say you were talking to a friend, he has to accept it. If he cannot trust you, then there is no point in living together.
Do not try to get revenge from him or get into a mud slinging match. Remember that he's the one with a problem and you have to keep your sanity so that tensions do no escalate.
Try to involve him in your life as much as you can so that he doesn't fel insecure.
Convince him to get some help. Seeing a psychologist or a marriage counsellor can be of immense help.


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