How To Get Your Dose of Protein From a Vegetarian Diet

By First Posted: Mar 2, 2014 Sun 9:00 AM Updated: May 19, 2015 Tue 12:44 PM
How To Get Your Dose of Protein From a Vegetarian Diet
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The first question that any Non Vegetarian would ask a Vegetarian is "Where do you get your protein?" Besides having the false impression that vegetarian food is tsateless and uninteresting, non veggies also believe it does not offer any protein in the diet. But there is hardly any truth in this. We bring you a list of food items in the Vegetarian menu that offer a good amount of protein per serving, and are very easy to incorporate in your diet.

Sources of Protein in Vegetarian Food

1. Soyabean: Soy products are considered one of the best protein rich food item in the vegetarian menu. A cup  of Soy milk gives you 8-10g of protein. Soy also gives you a lot of variety as you can choose between soy milk, tofu, soy nuggets etc.

2. Broccoli: This super-veggie is not just about fibre and antioridants. A cup of broccoli gives you 4g of protein without giving you a single calorie. No protein source in the non veg menu can give you this kind of calorie/protein ratio.

3. Green Peas: The humble peas have long been considerd nothing but an additive to your pulav or aloo matar ki sabzi! But a cup of peas will give you a minimum of 10g of protein!

4. Lentils and Beans: There's a reason why our parents and grandparents ate dal at least once a day. Assorted lentils or dals are a great source of protein. They give you 10g of protein per cup. Black beans or Rajmah also pack in a power punch of 15g protein in a cup! 

All these sources are not just high in protein, they also give you the essential amino acids that our body requires.

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