Is Makeup Making You Look Old?

By First Posted: Feb 22, 2014 Sat 9:00 AM Updated: Feb 22, 2014 Sat 10:31 AM
Is Makeup Making You Look Old?
Image Credit: Mag for Women

We wear makeup to enhance our looks and look better than we naturally are. But often our makeup makes us look older than we are! Do you know why?

You will look older on wearing makeup if you...

- Use too much concealer under eyes or on other parts of your face.

- Apply a thick layer of foundation that becomes cakey like paint!

- Apply face powder over the fine lines on your face.

- Apply lip liner in a shade that is very distinct from the colour of your lipstick.

- Wear too much of matte lipstick. It's not "in" anyway!

We often say that wearing makeup is a tough art and it takes a lot of practice to learn. So remember these pointers next time you apply your own makeup!

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