Foods That All Dieters Should Eat

By First Posted: Feb 17, 2014 Mon 9:00 AM Updated: May 5, 2015 Tue 2:21 PM
Foods That All Dieters Should Eat
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Numerous studies and research have been published about what you should not eat when dieting. A lot has also been written about things that help in losing weight. But these things are usually not too exciting for the pallette. After all how much soya can you eat day in and day out? How long can you survive on salad leaves alone? So we bring you a list of things that will not only help you in losing weight, but will also keep you happy with your diet.

Foods All Dieters Should Eat

1. South Indian fare. As long as you avoid the fried vadas and cook your dosas without  oil, south Indian fare is very good for the waistline. For added benefit, replace rice with suji. Such idlis and dosas are full of fibre, provide a lot of fillinf bulk, have very few calories, and come without fat and cholestrol. A dieter's ideal choice!

2. Sprouts. You can sprout any grains, legumes, grams etc. These are very rich in vitamins and protein. What's more, when combined with onions, tomatoes, cucumbers etc, they can fill you up completely. This can be had as a whole meal, with very less calories.

3. Yogurt. Research proves that consumption of dairy acts as an aid for weight loss. Fresh curds made from fat free milk are low in calories, and pack in a punch of healthy nutrients. Yogurt is also a good snack when combined with fresh fruit as it loeaves you feeling full for longer as compared to other options.

4. Dark Chocolate. When looking for a dessert, this one should be somewhere on the top of your list. It has healthy fats, antioxidants and fewer calories.


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