Energy Drinks: Energy or Sickness?

By First Posted: Feb 6, 2014 Thu 9:00 AM Updated: Sep 2, 2017 Sat 4:17 AM
Energy Drinks: Energy or Sickness?
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The commercial of one particular brand of Energy Drinks says that it gives you wings. Does it mean that it gives you extra energy, or does it mean that the drink gives you a high? The energy drinks are loaded with sugar and caffeine and have a range of negative effects on your health. If you are anyone in your family is hooked to these drinks, you must read on to find out how the drinks are damaging your body.

Harmful Effects of Energy Drinks

1. Cardiac Arrest: People who have detected or undetected heart problems can go into cardiac arrest on consuming a few energy drinks. Others can also suffer a similar fate.

2. Miscarriage: Women who consume energy drinks or caffeine during pregnancy are twice as likely to miscarry.

3. Cognitive Disability: Too much consumption of energy drinks can impair cognitive abilities of a person over time.

4. Headaches and Migraines: Regular consumption of too many energy drinks can lead to headaches and migraine due to caffeine withdrawal.

5. Insomnia: What else can be expected after over-indulgence in caffeine!

6. Drug Addiction: Recent research has proved that people (or kids) who consume energy drinks regularly are more likely to become drug addicts later in life than others.


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