Basic Life Skills Everyone Should Have

By First Posted: Jan 31, 2014 Fri 9:00 AM Updated: Aug 1, 2015 Sat 10:09 PM
Basic Life Skills Everyone Should Have
Image Credit: Seek Arizona

What is the thing that you feel your children must learn in order to live independently? Is it mathematics? Or is it how to make money? Is it how to memorise facts? No, none of these is essential to living a full and independent life. Did you know that there is a set of skills that are essential for anyone to life an independent life? 

Essentil Life Skills Everyone Must Have (in no particular order)

1. How to swim.

2. How to drive.

3. How to clean and maintain a house.

4. How to cook.

5. How to do the laundry.

6. How to make a budget, and live within means.

7. How to not fall prey to addictions.

8. How to say No to others.

These skills are essential for everyone, male or female. So how many of them do you have?


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