5 Yummy Ways To Include Winter Veggies in Your Diet

By First Posted: Jan 15, 2014 Wed 9:00 AM Updated: Jan 3, 2015 Sat 12:46 PM
5 Yummy Ways To Include Winter Veggies in Your Diet
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Most moms know how difficult it is to feed children; feeding them healthy and nutritious food is even more difficult. In a child's dictionary 'healthy' means 'boring' and 'nutritious' means 'tasteless'. Yes, it's tough being a mom! So how do you feed all those colorful vegetables to your children without having to run after them?

Memsaab brings your 5 easy and yummy ways to include winter veggies in your family's diet.

1. Vegetable Stir Fry: This is easier than anything! Just chop up all those gorgeous colorful vegetables, and chop up an onion and a little ginger and garlic. Now saute the garlic and ginger, add sliced spring onions to it, and slowly add all those veggies to the wok. If you are really hungry, add diced paneer cubes, boiled macaroni or noodles now. Give the veggies a minute to absorb the heat. Season with salt and pepper, and add a dash of vinegar before turning off the heat. Your vegetable stir fry is ready, and it's yummy!

2. Veggie Soup: Kids love soup and fortunately they don't usually know what goes into it. This gives you complete control over which veggies go into your family's soup. Just season the soup well and make it yummy. Garnish with fried croutons and they are gonna love it!

3. Pasta: All children love pasta, don't they? So why not rustle up their favorite pasta for them? Just make sure that you add in loads of vegetables and make them eat them too!

4. Pizza: Yes, even pizza can be your weapon that's to be used to feed vegetables to your family. They only key is to load up the pizza with more vegetables and less cheese!

5. Parathas: A very easy way to include veggies in your diet is to grate all the vegetables and knead them into a dough with the flour and seasonings. Now roll out and cook parathas. Serve hot with white butter for best results!!!

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