Do You Also Fantasize About Washboard Abs?

By First Posted: Dec 8, 2013 Sun 9:00 AM Updated: Nov 27, 2014 Thu 11:55 PM
Do You Also Fantasize About Washboard Abs?
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Most woman fantasize about losing weight and being hot and sexy overnight. Great sexy abs are usually a part of this fantasy. Do you fantasize about sexy abs too? It may seem very far-fetched to you, but great looking abdominals are within your reach, they are actually within everyone's reach. It may take time to reach that goal, but it is possible nevertheless! Here's how:

How To Lose BellyFat and Have Sexy Toned Abs

The path to great abs begins with a simple understanding about your body issues. Please accept that you cannot lose the belly fat overnight. It can only happen over a period of time, with sustained effort.

1. Ditch the fizzy drinks. Colas and other sidas do not give you any nutrition, they are just empty calories that stand in between you and those washboard abs!

2. Eat home-cooked food. As far as possible, eat food that has been cooked at home. Eating out invariably puts too many extra calories into you. This also means that you should cut down on fast food till you have reached your goals.

3. Do not starve. Often women go on starvation diets to lose the flab, but this will always backfire and you will end up flabbier than before. Give your body a sustained diet of protein, complex carbs and vitamins & minerals.

4. Eat those 5 servings of fruit and vegetables. Fresh fruit and veggies are full of fibre and help in filling up a hungry stomach. If you are not hungry, you are not likely to binge!

5. Cut the portion size. This may not happen overnight, it might require a bit of getting used to. But the fact is that we all eat much more than we can burn in ur daily routine. So switch to a small plate and a smaller bowl so that you can fool yourself into eating smaller portions!

6. Try core exercises for the abs. Situps, crunches, crunches with an exercise ball, inverted bicycling, twists and leg raising are all great exercises to tone the abs. Climbing stairs, running, walking, swimming are other activities that help in losing weight, thereby reducing the belly fat.

7. Take up Yoga. Yoga is extremely effective in losing weight and toning the muscles. Try it to believe it!

8. Always have healthy snacking options ready. Nuts, salad, fruit, smoothie etc are healthy and nutritious snacks that don't increase weight.

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