Can The Cradle Baby Scheme Save Our Daughters?

By First Posted: Dec 4, 2013 Wed 9:00 AM Updated: Apr 2, 2015 Thu 3:09 PM
Can The Cradle Baby Scheme Save Our Daughters?
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The state of Tamil Nadu has tried a unique way of improving its gender ratio. The government came up with a scheme called the Cradle Baby scheme two years ago. Under this programme parents of an unwanted girl child can just give the baby away to the state. Several empty cradles have been placed outside hospitals, welfare centres etc and parents can just put their unwanted babies in these cradles and forget about them!

From these cradles, the babies are sent off to orphanages, where suitable adoptive families are located for them and they are given away to loving adoptive parents. Ever since this scheme has been launched, over 5000 unwanted babies have been placed in these cradles, most of them girls. Many of these babies have already been placed with adoptive families. 

So this seems like a win-win situation, right? On one hand, our unwanted daughters get a chance to live, and on the other hand, childless couples get to have babies in their lives. But what about the biological parents of these cradle babies? Is it ok that they can just run away from their responsibilities so easily? Isn't the government sending a message to sexist parents that it is okay to reject a girl child? What do you think?

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